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Three’s The Block NZ is back and is bigger and better than ever

01 Jul 2021

Three’s The Block NZ returns to NZ screens this week – and this season promises to be bigger and better than ever. Set in Auckland’s aspirational inner-west suburb of Point Chevalier, the reality DIY and renovation show, which airs on Three and streaming service ThreeNow, sees four teams competing to renovate the most impressive architecturally designed homes The Block NZ has ever seen.

Resene is proud to be supporting The Block NZ again and the team at habitat look forward to seeing the colourful room designs the competitors dream up this season. Resene’s trade sales representative Jay Sharples has been working with The Block NZ for several years and says this year’s competition won’t disappoint.

“Talk about fast paced. This year's contestants have been great. I find every year is better than the last with design ideas but also with the quality of the finishing,” says Jay.

The Block NZ 2021 teams are: Auckland mates Tim (26) and Arthur (26), Greymouth born, ‘chalk and cheese’ brothers Dylan (30) and Keegan (25), Canterbury husband and wife duo Meg (38) and Dan (46) and fun Mums from Papamoa Janah (39) and Rach (42). To find out more about the teams visit Three’s fanzone, the home for Block-a-holics. 

At the end of the 12 weeks the teams’ houses will be put up for auction where they will take home any profit made over the reserve. The team that earns the highest profit above reserve will also take home the $100,000 grand prize.

Week 1 sees the contestants working towards completing the Guest Bedroom.

We’ll share updates of the projects each week, so keep an eye out for colourful inspiration from the teams using Resene paints and wallpapers.

 The Block NZ | Sunday 7pm, continuing Monday - Wednesday 7.30pm on Three and streaming from 12pm on ThreeNow.


Meg & Dan used a statement wallpaper Resene Wallpaper Collection 5223-2 which they paired with walls and the ceiling in Resene Black White.

This season of Three’s The Block NZ promises to be quite colourful if the first room reveal is anything to go by. The Guest Bedrooms revealed in last Sunday’s episode of the hit Three reality show featured striking Resene Wallpaper Collection 5223-2, a bold Resene Ayers Rock tongue and groove feature wall and an immersive Resene Waiouru painted bedroom – and the feedback from the judges was just as bright.

Click here to see the finished rooms.


Tim & Arthur used crisp Resene Black White on the walls and ceiling of their winning bedroom, which they paired with colourful beach-themed decals and décor.  

Another exciting week on Three’s The Block NZ saw the four teams create five colourful Kid’s Bedrooms. With $7000 on the line, the teams continued to up the ante treating Block-a-holics to rooms with bold Resene wallpapers and colours.

Click here to see the finished rooms.


Connie & Rach’s winning family bathroom continued the theme of their house with a luxurious atmosphere and gold décor. Resene Barely There on the ceiling and trim complements the marble tiling and reflects the light from the skylights.  

Family Bathroom Week on Three’s The Block NZ proved to be one of the biggest weeks to date. The week was interrupted when New Zealand was plunged into level four lockdown, and the site had to shut down. One year on, almost all of the teams were back and ready to build, with the exception of a new member for Team Purple, Connie, joining Rach in House 1.

Click here to see the finished rooms


Meg & Dan’s master bedroom paired a relaxing feature wall in Resene Stack with bright Resene Black White on the surrounding walls, trim and ceiling. The cherry blossom design on Resene Wallpaper Collection CR75502 brings in natural elements and gives the room a Japandi feel. 

This week saw the teams on Three’s The Block NZ vying for a massive $10,000 prize for their master bedrooms, ensuites & wardrobes. With some clever building skills and creative use of Resene paint, the teams turned their master bedrooms into cosy havens. Elegant white Resene Barely There and Resene Black White were back this week, and some teams went bold with colour, incorporating greens such as Resene Green Spring and Resene Haven into the mix.  

Click here to see the finished rooms


The Resene Coast feature wall in Dylan & Keegan’s living room creates an elegant atmosphere, with trim in Resene Alabaster and surrounding walls in Resene Eighth Truffle.

Block-a-holics were treated to another week of creativity on Three’s The Block NZ. Living Room Week took the competition to new heights, with some of the cathedral-like spaces transformed in Resene Coast and Resene Double Ash

Up for grabs this week was the room reveal prize of $7,000, as well as $10,000 worth of exterior painting by a Resene Eco Decorator. Dinner Wars brought the heat, with teams ‘playing the game’ and scoring each other zero points. After a rescoring round, Dylan & Keegan took out the Resene Eco Decorator prize.  

Click here to see the finished rooms


Marble accents and a minimalist approach in Tim & Arthur’s kitchen complemented the walls, ceiling, and trim in Resene Black White

The teams were busy cooking up some creative designs on Three’s The Block NZ this week as they tackled their kitchen & dining rooms. With a packed schedule and grand rooms to finish, the teams worked hard to create elegant kitchens with a dash of snowy Resene Black White and a splash of fresh Resene Barely There.  

Click here to see the finished rooms


The high ceilings of Dylan & Keegan’s winning family room are accentuated by the Resene Middle Earth feature wall and Rockcote Clay Decor fireplace supplied by Resene Construction Systems with a base colour of Resene Truffle. The Rockcote Clay Décor fireplace is a hand-applied clay plaster finish over plasterboard with a strata effect to emulate layered earth. The surrounding walls are in Resene Eighth Truffle with Resene Alabaster on the ceiling and trim.

What a week on Three’s The Block NZ! The teams were under the pump to finish their family rooms and used luscious green Resene Middle Earth and elegant Resene Stack to create some sophisticated spaces.  

The $7000 prize up for grabs was the talk of The Block NZ the past few episodes, with budgets tight and time running out. A give and take challenge saw the teams exchange colourful Resene testpots for a chance to win an additional point. In an exchange of moody greens, Meg & Dan received Resene Rivergum while Tim & Arthur were given Resene Paddock green to incorporate into their family room. Resene FX Metallic tinted to Resene Gold Dust was given to Connie & Rach and Dylan & Keegan/Maddy received Resene Blue Chill.     

Click here to see the finished rooms


Dylan & Keegan’s creative office space earned top marks from the judges. The team painted the walls in Resene Eighth Truffle and ceiling in Resene Alabaster 

The skyscraper heights of the hallways were a tall order this week on Three’s The Block NZ as the teams raced to complete their entrances, stairs, hallways & powder rooms. With a prize of $7000 on the line, some creative and inspiring spaces were created with elegant Resene greys including Resene Pumice and Resene Longitude. One team took things to the next level with paintable Anaglypta wallpaper - Resene Wallpaper Collection RD7100 - painted in Resene Pumice.

Click here to see the finished rooms


A fresh spring feel was created in Meg & Dan’s do over room which became an elegant teenage girl’s room with Resene Black White on the ceiling and lower wall and Megalicious, Meg’s combination of Resene Green SpringResene Black White and Resene Stack, on the upper wall.  

This was the week for second chances and do overs for the teams on Three’s The Block NZ as they inched closer towards the finish line. The teams were given the opportunity to paint over the past and improve on their choice of room, creating jaw-dropping spaces with Resene Ayers Rock and Resene Green Spring.  

Click here to see the finished rooms


Tim & Arthur’s walls in Resene Black White perfectly complement their creative artwork and functional workspace.

It was the week to win this week on Three’s The Block NZ. With $7000 up for grabs and the chance to remove another team from room reveal, the teams created some showstopping garages & laundries using a range of dreamy Resene neutrals, including Resene Barely There and Resene Alabaster.

Click here to see the finished rooms


Dylan & Keegan created a cosy courtyard with an outdoor fireplace built into a Rockcote Integra lightweight concrete structural wall supplied by Resene Construction Systems painted with Resene Truffle. Their house’s exterior is in Resene CoolColour Element. The dark fence in Resene Woodsman Crowshead complements the team’s colour choices.

Week eleven on Three’s The Block NZ saw the teams venturing into the outdoors to create some jaw-dropping courtyards & balconies. With looming deadlines and tight spaces, the teams rallied to finish their decks, fences and outdoor living areas. Their home’s exteriors also got a refresh with bold Resene paint, including Resene ElementResene Half Athens Grey and Resene Zircon.

Click here to see the finished rooms


Tim & Arthur brought their backyard space to a whole new level with a sophisticated firepit and seating that complemented their dark exterior in Resene CoolColour Element.

The final week on Three’s The Block NZ saw the teams put the finishing touches on their outdoor spaces. Their garden creations popped against their elegant houses in Resene ElementResene Half Athens Grey and Resene Zircon and left the judges wowed.

Click here to see the outdoor spaces

Published: 01 Jul 2021