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Meet the team: Sam Brough

22 Jan 2024

What is your role at Resene and what does it involve?

My main role within Resene is on the Technical Advice team. I currently receive and answer queries that come through the Resene website alongside a couple other very knowledgeable team members. There is a wide range of questions from how to paint a bathroom to how do I prepare a rusted roof. There is an endless amount of information to share and this is a great way to pass key information on to DIYers to get the best possible result. Good information is invaluable, and I try to share as much as I can through this role.

I started at Resene as a retail sales assistant 14 years ago and I was constantly learning and enjoying helping customers who came into the Colorshop. Over the following 13 years I managed the busiest Colorshop in New Zealand at the time, went on the road as a Trade Representative and then Technical Retail Sales as part of the Technical Advice team. I get to be involved with large and small projects, specifications, procedure and of course, paint knowledge!

Tell us about some of your favourite projects using Resene products.

After the Christchurch earthquakes, the city looked grey, cold and sad. Over the following years, beautiful and creative murals started to fill the blank walls, giving the city some vibrance back. Resene worked with a many different artists to provide the colours to meet their visions. People stop and admire the impressive artworks and its cool to know the backstory behind them.

Another project that I enjoyed from the specification stage to the final walk through is Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre. There are so many different substrates and purposes for each space within. Many different Resene products were used to create a seamless, unique place for so many to enjoy. 

What is you biggest design or product tip?

Biggest tip from me to all DIYers is preparation is key! The more attention you pay to preparation, whether that’s sanding to repaint a wall, filling holes or applying a moss and mould treatment, it will be beneficial for longevity of the paint coatings and uniformity. Shortcuts in the painting industry do not end up getting a good result. 

Can you recommend a couple of great Resene products for our readers?

Every household should have Resene Interior Paintwork Cleaner as part of the cleaning kit. It is a non-abrasive, neutral cleaner that does not leave a film behind. Perfect for the weekly clean around light switches as well as preparation cleaning prior to painting. 

Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen is an excellent choice for interior walls throughout the home or commercial setting. It has a soft side sheen, washable and is available in most Resene colours.

What is your favourite Resene colour?

Resene Noir is in my top 10 as it’s a universal soft charcoal that looks good alongside most other colours and substates such as concrete and timber. Resene Yogi is another one of my favourites. I have used this in my home on walls and ceilings in a tv/kids room alongside black cabinetry to create a warm inviting area.

Published: 22 Jan 2024