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Office trends for better workplaces in 2021

16 Feb 2021

The Kiwi design business at the forefront of office trends, PLN Group, have a pretty good idea about what businesses need to make their workplaces work, reports Idealog.

Having designed pieces to kit out the likes of international brands Google, Shopify and our very own Air New Zealand, they know what people need, want and what will make the space work better for everyone.

Some of the biggest trends for businesses in 2021 focus on employee wellbeing, reducing stress, the incorporation of biophilic design, improved office acoustics and increased flexibility.

Stress and Biophilic design

The designers at PLN Group predict biophilic design will rise in prominence globally.

While some trends ebb and flow, one constant is the increasing speed at which our lives operate.  The relentless pace, drive for productivity and juggling of life balance are sources of increased stress in our lives, and ironically are counterproductive to the aim to optimise and improve performance.  

Humans have a primal need to connect with nature and our busy lives often prevent us from achieving this. Reconnecting with nature is proven to help speed recovery from stressful events and to assist in restoring physical and mental health.

Biophilic design as a concept aims to connect occupants of spaces with the natural environment in various forms. When well executed, biophilic design will aid with recovery from stress, enhance well-being and foster creativity.

Driven by their purpose of enhancing both employee wellbeing and organisational performance, PLN Group are launching their new range of biophilic design furniture in 2021. The range, Backdrop, is inspired by the beauty of New Zealand’s landforms and native flora.

A striking custom Resene orange was used to colour the organic, winding staircases that characterise the centre of Auckland’s B:Hive mixed-use office building.

Find out the other trends PLN Group predict on the Idealog blog.

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