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Dress up your drawers

15 Aug 2018

Bring a whole new dimension to old drawers with a lick of Resene paint and wallpaper from the Resene Wallpaper Collection.

You will need:

  • Wooden drawers
  • Wallpaper sample – we used design 366011 from the Resene Wallpaper Collection, available from Resene ColorShops
  • Wallpaper glue
  • Resene Quick Dry primer undercoat
  • Resene SpaceCote Flat in Resene Half Coriander
  • Resene paint brushes
  • Ruler, level and pencil
  • Scalpel and cutting mat

Prep: Lightly sand the drawers if needed. Undercoat with Resene Quick Dry primer undercoat and leave to dry.  

Step one. Paint the drawers in Resene Half Coriander and leave to dry.

Step two. Remove the handles and measure each drawer piece that you’ll be applying the wallpaper to.

Step three. Cut the wallpaper to size.

Step four. Glue the wallpaper. Use a smoother if necessary. Leave to dry.

Step five. Screw in the handles and your new drawers are ready to go.

Walls painted in Resene Half Coriander
Copper Splice Mirror from Me & My Trend

styling Leigh Stockton
images Bryce Carleton