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Paint like a pro

19 Jun 2014

Repainting your walls is an easy skill to learn. With a bit of advice, patience and practice you can paint like a pro:

Tools and materials:

Paint –Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen is good for most interior walls but check with staff at your local Resene ColorShop for your particular situation and colour choices.
A paint brush for cutting in
A roller sleeve, handle, extension pool or ladder, and tray
Drop cloths
A soft cloth, Resene Interior Paintwork Cleaner or mild detergent and warm water. Resene Sureseal or Resene StainLock for any stains.
Filler for any dings and gaps and a putty knife
Masking tape

1. Move all furniture away from the walls and cover the floors with drop cloths. Remove all electrical switch plates and outlet covers as well as any artwork and hooks.

2. Clean the walls thoroughly. Rinse with water and allow to dry. Apply Resene Sureseal or Resene StainLock to any stains or ink marks to stop stains from bleeding through your new paint.

3. Using filler and your putty knife, repair all nail holes and any other blemishes in the wall lining.

4. Using masking tape, mask off all of the trims - the doors, windows, skirtings and scotia (or at the intersection with the ceiling). More confident painters can skip this step and ‘cut in’ with the paint brush (keep a damp rag handy to wipe up any mistakes).

Tip: If you are painting new wall linings, you need to apply a coat of sealer first. And if you are painting a light colour over a dark colour, use an undercoat. 

5. With your brush, paint a strip on the walls next to all the doors, windows, skirtings and scotia (or at the intersection with the ceiling), as well as on both wall surfaces where they meet in the corners. For more information about using brushes, click here [link to Resene site]

5. Using your paint roller and tray, start painting one wall from the top and work your way down, using the extension pole or a ladder for high parts. Paint in small sections, blending each new section into the last as you go.?Work steadily until you have completed one wall or have reached a break such as a door.?For more information on mastering a roller, click here [link to Resene]

6. Once the walls have completely dried, apply a second coat.