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Update your old bakeware

27 Feb 2015

Do you like what we’ve done with this old bakeware?

You will need

An old deep round cake baking tin and flan dish (you can get each for about $6 on Trade Me) – do not buy non-stick bakeware, as sanding the coating can be toxic, 240 grit sandpaper, Resene GP Metal Primer, Resene testpots (we used yellow Resene Turbo and pink Resene Sakura)

  • Using a drill or punch, make drainage holes in the bottom of the tin.
  • Lightly sand the tin and dish with the sandpaper.
  • Prime both, and leave to dry.
  • Finish with two to three layers of the testpot paint, leaving about ten minutes between each layer.

We planted cacti in the tin, as it only needs a light spray of water. If you’re planting something that needs more water, consider buying a terracotta base to fit from your local plant shop, and paint it to match.