Trudy and Al’s imaginative home makes and takes the cake

For those who have had the pleasure, to meet Trudy is to love Trudy. From her fabulous Ink and Retro-chic hairstyle to her quirkyRock-n-Roll-meets-vintage-glam clothing, Trudy oozes cool and creativity. Her vibrant home reflects her colourful personality, with bold Resene colours making a statement from the moment you walk through the front door. 

Trudy is an award-winning cake artist andwell-known personality within the New Zealandbaking industry. She owns Sugarcake, a made-to-order cake company specialisingin bespoke cakes, cupcakes andcookies for weddings, birthdays and corporate events.Much like her cake designs, her home isrich in colour and full of creative flair. 

When Trudy and Al purchased their homein 2006, the exterior was painted yellow; and due to its unusually curved architecture,the couple referred to it affectionately as their ‘banana house’ Inside,every room had been painted in a range of sickly hues –  bilious green, various shades of yellow and an imposing royal blue.Dated interior aside, the layout was ideal for family living as the ‘banana house’ is splitpun fully intended – into two wings, with the living/dining and kitchen areas in one wing and the bedrooms and bathroom in the other.  

“It’s the perfect layout for our family as we can get the kids to bed and have our own space in the living area,” explains Trudy. 

For Trudy, creativity comes naturally, so planningthe aestheticchanges to her homewasenjoyable. “There was plenty of magazinethumbing – thanks,habitat! – and my parents’ house was a huge source of inspiration. They are both potters and their house is full of eclectic treasures” says Trudy 

As a lover of the vintage aesthetic, Trudy upcycled several pieces of antique furniture with pretty paints to give them new life. In the master bedroom a vintage corner cabinet has been painted in Resene Sauvignon, its pair, painted in the same sweet hue can be found in thedining area. A trio of tables in the entryway have been given a facelift with a lick of Resene Half Pale Rose and a display cabinet at the top of the stairs has been painted in Resene Quarter Sea Fog. 

The first thing we changed, almost as soon as we moved in, was the original Smurf blue bathroom” says Trudy. “It was very old with a dated vanity and dirtyblue walls. The couple had the whole bathroom stripped before installing new tiles, a new vanity and ornate mirrorand painting the ceiling in Resene Alabaster. The next spaces to tackle were the bedrooms and living spaces. They paintedthe whole interior in Resene Merino, with trims and ceilings painted Resene Alabasterfor a subtle contrast.In the upstairs hallway a feature wall painted in Resene Shark adds contrast and drama to the otherwise simple space. 

Soon after eldest son Reon was born, Trudy and Al employed a team of painters to transform the banana yellow exterior, replacing the bold hue with a more classical grey patinaResene Quarter Chicago.After a few more years, we attacked the kitchen and living area with new benchtops, splashback, stainless steel islandand installed new bi-fold doors out to the deck,which has made a huge difference to the visual appeal and usability of the area,explains Trudy. The final and most recent zone the couple updated was the entranceway and staircase.  With Trudy’ssignaturequirky style, shetook inspiration from herupcycled pink dining table and chairs; and painted the stairwell in the same bold hueResene Glamour Puss. The addition of the striking feature in Resene Wallpaper Collection4-749(which also hangs in the kitchen) creates a bold, eye-catching focal point when you visit her home. 

Unsurprisingly, Trudy’s favourite room to re-decorate was the kitchen. “This is where I spend most of my time and it was really important to me to have an area where guests felt comfortable and welcome,” explains Trudy. Her favourite part of the kitchen is the pressed tin splashback – painted in Resene Alabaster. What’s more, the aesthetic couldn’t be more fitting for Trudy’s vintage vibeAbove the kitchen cabinets you’ll see a plethora ofTrudy’s treasureson display – mixing bowls and sugar shakers passed down from her great-grandmother, some of her Father’s earlier pottery, and a selection of colourful cakes stands. 

The most wonderful thing about this home is that you can’t help but smile when you walk in and see the colour and the quirkiness. Much like its owner, this houseis a welcoming, bright, colourful andhappy place to be and is an honest reflection of the style of the people who live here. 

Published: 08 Apr 2020

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open plan living, living inspiration, white interiors, pink decor, decorating with pink, Resene

Trudy stands in her open plan living/dining kitchen space. The dining table and chairs are in Resene Glamour Puss, the splashback, ceiling and trimsare in Resene Alabaster and the kitchen cabinetry and walls are in Resene Merino. 

floral motifs, floral decor, flower wall, pink decor, decorating with pink, Resene

Bright and beautiful blossoms are a common motif throughout Trudy and Al’s home. Dining table and chairs in Resene Glamour Puss, walls in Resene Merino, ceiling and skirting boards in Resene Alabaster. 

living room, blue accent decor, blue accents, pink and blue living space, Resene

Blue accents and textured textiles define the living room space. Try bringing in artwork and accessories in Resene Aquarius and Resene Endeavour for a similar look. Wallsin Resene Merino and ceiling and trims in Resene Alabaster.

living space Inso, sideboard inspiration, red sideboard, red decor, Resene

A punch of bright red pops in this corner of the living room. For a similar look, try painting a sideboard in Resene Roadster. Walls in Resene Merino and trims in Resene Alabaster. 

accent wall, hallway decor, grey wall, mounted art, Resene

An accent wall in Resene Half Chicago creates definition and breaks up an otherwise white hallwall. The rest of the walls are in Resene Merino and the trims are in Resene Alabaster.

master bedroom, bedroom decor, his and hers decor, master decor, Resene

Trudy and Al’s master bedroom is a great study in ‘his’ and ‘her’ accessorising. Walls in Resene Merino and ceiling and trims in Resene Alabaster. 

cabinet Inspo, upcycling furniture, pink cabinet, pink decor, Resene

A curio cabinet in Resene Sauvignon sits in the corner of the master bedroom. The walls are in Resene Merino and trims in Resene Alabaster. 

kids bedroom, children's room, bedroom, blue bedroom, Resene

An explosion of confetti characterises Reons bedroom. To get the look, try painting your own polka dots in Resene Curious Blue. Walls in Resene Merino and ceiling and trims in Resene Alabaster.

pink stairwell, pink banister, decorating with pink, pink decor, Resene

The Resene Glamour Puss railing that lines the stairway throws its bright glow on to the Resene Merinowalls that surround it. The front door was given a refresh in glossy Resene Enamacryl tinted to Resene Half Chicago. 

floral walls, accent wall, feature wall, decorating with floral, floral decorating, Resene

Two accent walls in Resene Wallpaper Collection 4-749 bring Trudy’s signature bold floral style on to the walls. Resene Wallpaper Collection 4-749 is an older design. For a current alternative, try Resene Wallpaper Collection P021-VD2. On the left, a trio of tables is painted Resene Half Pale Rose and the bannister is in Resene Glamour Puss. The rest of the walls are in Resene Merino and the ceiling and trims are in Resene Alabaster.  

floral wallpaper, wallpaper inspiration, decorating with floral, floral decor, resene

To bring Trudy’s bold floral look home, try Resene Wallpaper Collection P021-VD2. 

images Emma MacDonald, FotographicNZ  

kids room, kids bedroom, white bedroom, colour pop, color pop, fun kids room, Resene

Colourful touches bring life to the younger kids’ shared room. The walls are painted Resene Merino and the trims are in Resene Alabaster.

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