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Easy DIY: pretty leaf print

15 Jun 2017

Autumn may be over, but the beautiful red, gold and orange leaves of the season continue to linger. Bring the beauty indoors with this easy DIY leaf print. 


You will need: leaves from the garden, tespots in Resene Ayers Rock, Resene Lightning Yellow, Resene Poppy, Resene Persian Red and Resene Kamikaze, paintbrush, A4 card, hole punch, dry branch, string, scissors, and roller (optional).

Paint the leaves using the paintbrush and Resene testpots. If you have a roller, use it to press the leaves onto the card. Otherwise use your palms. Leave to dry.

Punch holes on either side at the top of the card, and string onto the branch to make a hanging rod. String the top into a triangle formation, and hang. If you find red leaves on your walks, add them to your new print. 

Project by Nikki Astwood of Revised Edition. See habitat TV for more DIY ideas.