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Keep the kids entertained these holidays!

20 Dec 2023

We’ve got more fun and creative ideas to keep the kids busy these holidays. With bright and vibrant Resene testpot colours there is no limit to what they can create! From mini road signs to rainbow mobiles and Lego draws, grab a brush and get painting!


Brick master

Lego lovers rejoice! If you or your child are a fan of the ever-popular Lego, then these drawers are for you. Perfect for storing pesky stray bricks, these drawers will bring a pop of colour to your bedroom or hobby space. Made from wooden dowels, an afternoon of crafting will leave you with a unique upcycled set of drawers that is sure to be a show-stopper for kids and adults alike.  

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Tiny traffic

Set up an obstacle course complete with mini road signs for bikes, scooters and skateboards to help teach kids road safety. Get them involved with the painting using colours like Resene Wet N Wild and Resene Flashpoint for a fun weekend project.

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What a hoot!

These kākāpō, rainbow lorikeet and ruru birds will be a hoot for the kids to make using pinecones and their favourite Resene colours. Not only are they an easy way to show kids how they can create things out of things you already have, but they are also a fun way for children to learn about our native birds.

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Recycling fun

Have you ever seen cuter plant pots? This might just be the most adorable way to re-use old plastic bottles and give them a second life. It’s a great DIY to get crafting with the kids these holidays.

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Egg-cellent rainbow

This delightful DIY will add colour and wonder to your child’s room. By upcycling simple egg cartons into a whimsical masterpiece, you can infuse their room with a burst of joyous hues and playful charm. Get your kids involved to help choose the Resene testpot colours. Let the vibrant colours of a rainbow dance above your little one's dreams with this fun and engaging project.

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For more project ideas for young and old to enjoy, visit the project gallery on the Resene website,

Published: 20 Dec 2023