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Easy projects that can be completed in a weekend:

17 Sep 2020

Whether you’ve got an hour on your hands or a whole weekend to occupy, these easy projects will put your spare time to good use.

Cubby cache

If you find yourself with a messy mudroom, a lick of paint could be the solution to the disarray in your entryway. These painted stripe storage areas not only provide much needed space for each child to stash their shoes and outdoor gear on their own handy hook and in their own convenient cubby, but they also work as a place to leave helpful reminders. The secret is Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen, a durable interior paint which doubles as a chalkboard. Or you can use Resene FX Chalkboard Paint. You can tint it to your favourite Resene hues (though it’s darker shades that show chalk best) and simply wipe it down with a damp cloth whenever you need a clean slate. Simply measure and mask the width of your cubby – we added a few centimetres on each side of ours – and then roll on two coats of your chosen colour to get the look. For a crisp line, be sure to use high-quality painter’s masking tape (available from your local Resene ColorShop) and remove it as soon as your final topcoat is dry to the touch.


Perfectly imperfect

Is your timber floor damaged and you don’t have the time or budget to replace it completely? A weekend, some rollers and a few tins of tonal Resene paint colours are all you need to restore your floor. Patch or replace the damaged boards, then lean into the mismatched aesthetic by painting your floorboards in a range of soothing Resene blues and greys. In this bathroom, Resene Raven, Resene Half Raven, Resene Gull Grey, Resene Regent Grey and Resene Kensington Grey were used to achieve this tonal patchwork effect.


Strain no more

If you’ve found just the perfect houseplant to liven up a corner of your living room but find it’s finicky about your sunlight situation, you may see yourself moving it around much more than you – or your back – would like. Stave off potential back strain by building a platform on castors for large or heavy houseplants to make them more mobile and rolling them to other rooms a breeze. For extra style points, paint each slat of your plant’s platform in a different tone for an ombre look. We used three pinky Resene pastels for ours: (from left to right) Resene Paper Doll, Resene Soothe and Resene Doeskin.

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Geo chopping board

Using just three Resene testpots, we've turned a plain wooden chopping board into a fun serving tray.

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Fold out bar

Love to entertain? Keep it a breeze with this nifty DIY fold out bar. Fold out when guests arrive, entertain, enjoy; fold away when it's all over. 

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Cutlery and condiment consolidation

When you’re entertaining a crowd, it’s common to feel like you don’t have enough hands. Make it easy to transport the eating essentials to your table all in one go with this cute cutlery caddy (that upcycles an old cutting board and a quartet of cans) and a toolbox-style caddy to hold all your condiments. Not only will these make carrying things quicker and keep your table top tidy, they’ll also help reduce traffic to and from the kitchen and pantry so that you and your guests will have more opportunities to enjoy each other’s company.

Click here for DIY utensil caddy
Click here for DIY barbeque caddy


Sculptural side table

Ombre tones of Resene paint and wood stains help create a gallery-worthy timber table that can be used inside or out.

Top tip: Use a full spectrum of Resene testpots to get a rainbow look.

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Fun cocktail coasters
Whether it’s summer or winter, throwing a cocktail party is always a good idea. Add to the fun with these colourful coasters – they’re so easy to DIY.

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An old tyre gets reimagined as functional furniture
An old car tyre is unrecognisable after being upcycled into an outdoor ottoman, which is painted Resene Double Pravda. The v-grooved wall is in Resene Half Villa White, the deck is stained Resene Woodsman Mid Greywash, the side table is in Resene Double Pravda, the tray is in Resene Peace, the vase and small pot are in Resene Bi Hoki and the large plant pot is in Resene Kandinsky.

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Published: 17 Sep 2020